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March 14th, 2011 - Posted by Mike Dupuis under Energy Auditor Information, RESNET News

I have a model 3 Minneapolis Blower door with non digital gauges and a DG-2 digital pressure gauge that I would like to sell. I have retired for energy rating and do not believe I will need them. I am asking $1200.00. I am located in southwest Louisiana. So, there may be shipping charges to pay. You can email me at

DSC00016.JPG (566 KB)

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  • DOug

    Interested. Could you send me some pics and describe the capability of this blower door.

    Thanks Doug

  • Pat

    have you sold the BD?

  • Mike Dupuis

    It looks like I may have. I’ll know for sure by tomorrow.

  • Mike Dupuis

    This door has been sold.

    Mike Dupuis

  • walter godsmark

    need a minneapolis blower door, bacharach leakator 10, bacharach portable combustion analyzer?

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