Building Analyst Training with 3D Simulation Fun for Combustion Safety Training

November 9th, 2011 - Posted by Terry Collins under Hot Topics, RESNET News

Practice makes perfect. That’s why Academy for Energy Efficiency Training uses Intercaz for our BPI Building Analyst classes. Intercaz is a new interactive simulation game designed for you to master the vast complexity of combustion safety testing. We expose you to far more appliances, venting, pressure values, and combustion appliance zone (CAZ) configurations than other training programs. Our hands-on field training and extensive practice in a fun 3D virtual environment better prepare you for the real-world scenarios you will face as an energy auditor.

Don’t take the risk of experiencing the setbacks so often experienced by taking an accelerated course.

You benefit from the combined power of:

  • An experienced instructor
  • Hands-on training in the field
  • Extensive practice in a simulated environment
  • Learning from your peers.

Register for our class this month in Dallas.

Tuition includes books, exam, and Intercaz simulation training.

P.S. Intercaz was shortlisted for Best Serious Game or Simulation for the E-Learning Age Awards.

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