California Energy Commission Adopts New HERS Regulations

December 20th, 2008 - Posted by RESNET under Posts and Views

This past Wednesday, December 17th, the California Energy Commission adopted the HERS Phase II modifications to the California Home Energy Rating System Program Regulations.  There are over 13 million residential dwelling units in California, many of which were built with limited energy efficiency measures before adoption of the first Standards in 1978. Homes that were built since that time continue to have significant opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.  These regulations are intended to recognize these opportunities by establishing a framework for:

  • Consistent, accurate and uniform ratings based on a single statewide scale;
  • Reasonable estimates of potential utility bill savings and reliable recommendations on cost-effective measures to improve energy efficiency;
  • Training and certification procedures for home raters and quality assurance procedures to promote accurate ratings and protect consumers;
  • In coordination with home energy rating system organizations, procedures to establish a centralized database including a uniform reporting system for information on residential dwellings;
  • Labeling procedures that meet the needs of home buyers, homeowners, the real estate industry and mortgage lenders.

The CHEERS Existing Home Program was implemented with the goal of integrating with the CEC HERS Phase II Regulations when they became law.  While there will be changes to the current program, CHEERS Raters will benefit from the significant development and investment that has already been made.  CHEERS will continue to work in developing the support elements, including EEM Training for raters, lenders and Realtors®.

The new regulations become effective on August 1, 2009.  Prior to that date, CHEERS will need to have all of our training programs approved by the CEC, which will have to include an update for Raters who have already completed the Existing Home Program.  We will provide more details as they become available.

The new California Home Energy Rating System Program Regulations will be an important part of delivering energy efficiency in the coming years.  It will lead to greater recognition and additional opportunities for our industry. 

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