City of Houston Providing Incentives for Commercial Building Owners to Improve Energy Performance

January 10th, 2011 - Posted by Steve Baden under Hot News, RESNET News

According to the Houston Chronicle, the City of Houston will offer commercial building owners up to $200,000 in incentives to improve energy efficiency, putting a special emphasis on retrofitting older and smaller buildings.

The city will pay to offset 20 percent of the labor and material costs of projects that improve a building’s efficiency by at least 15 percent. Applicants will need an energy audit on their property by a certified expert. If they plan to finance the project through a bank they must prequalify for the loan and then fill out an application for the city grant.

The City’s Director of Sustainability, Laura Spanjian commented on the program, “We are confident this program will energize and begin to unlock the potential of the Houston building energy-efficiency retrofit market.”

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