RESNET Test for Combustion Appliance Safety Testing Certification will be Simulation Based

November 23rd, 2010 - Posted by RESNET under Energy Auditor Information, RESNET News, RESNET Notes - November 2010

RESNET has recently adopted guidelines for combustion appliance safety testing.  In order to be certified as a Comprehensive Home Energy Rater or a Building Performance Auditor, the rater or auditor must be trained and certified to conduct combustion safety testing.  RESNET will have an online simulation testing platform for its combustion safety certification.

RESNET is partnering with the Interplay Energy to develop an interactive 3-D Simulation for raters and auditors seeking to attain their combustion safety certification.  The simulation test will be developed in collaboration with members from RESNET’s Technical Committee and the Training and Education Committee.

“Simulation offers a powerful solution for testing certification. Written exams fall short on testing ‘real world’ understanding.  Field tests often suffer from inconsistency and high costs.  Simulation testing, however, is highly controllable, consistent, cost-effective and measures ‘real world’ understanding,” said Doug Donovan, CEO of Interplay Energy.  “RESNET recognizes that this technology will allow them to meet the growing needs of the green collar workforce.”

The simulation test and certification will be available through RESNET training providers starting in February, 2011.

“We believe life-like simulation is a much more effective method to test combustion safety understanding.  It is clear that Interplay has a solution that can help us accelerate our position in the marketplace,” Steve Baden, Executive Director of RESNET added.

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  • Robert Bolus

    What can be more lifelike than actual field testing? A simulation is just that, a simulation. Are you going to start handing out certifications in combustion safety to candidates who have made it through a video game?

  • Henry Borysewicz

    Actually, simulations CAN be great teaching tools. Most airline pilots spend many hours in flight sims before getting into a real airplane, for example. It depends on how much effort goes into creating the sim. There are good ones and there are worthless ones. Let’s wait to see what is offered before judging.

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