2013 RESNET Building Performance Pre-Conference Sessions


Monday, February 25th & Tuesday, February 26th

2012 IECC Fundamentals

Official ICC International Code Council Curriculum developed by the ICC Training and Education Department. Two Day class in which attendees will learn how to apply the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code and how to increase and ensure that energy efficiency is built in during the construction of new buildings and during alterations to existing buildings. Residential, Multi-Family, Commercial, and Mixed Use buildings will all be covered. The course will provide an overview of the critical concepts included in the 2012 IECC. By learning and understanding these concepts, attendees will be provided the knowledge base needed for the correct use of the code in the design, plan review, inspection and analysis of projects. Also, the course will provide a clear understanding of the requirements identified in the basic code provisions, tables, and categorizations within the 2012 IECC. Participants will also be able to apply the code in clear-cut situations and to build their understanding of the intent of the code when asked to make code compliance decisions. This course trains and prepares the attendees to take the ICC Energy Certification test with ICC’s testing provider. All attendees will receive a 2012 IECC Codebook and a Course Workbook for use during and after the class.

Pre-Early Bird ~ now through 12/31/12 @ $437
Early-Bird ~ 1/1/13 through 1/25/13 @ $557
Regular ~ 1/26/13 through 2/23/13 @ $703
Last Minute ~ 2/24/13 through 2/25/13 @ $747
Registration Link: http://2012iecc-orlando.eventbrite.com/
Presenter: Terry A Collins, Abaci Energy Efficiency

Room: Grand Ballroom 9

EEM HERS Rater Partner Course

Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Partner Training for HERS Raters: This two-day course will properly prepare HERS Raters to complete the entire process of each type of Energy Efficient Mortgage. It will cover topics such as: FHA, VA, and conventional guidelines, Existing home and new construction EEMs, Completing an EEM step-by-step, Proper documentation and report requirements, How to use REM/Rate effectively, Working with lenders and real estate agents, Case studies of new purchases and refinances, Marketing ideas and strategies. Plus, you will get tools and materials that will simplify the process and minimize your turn-around time which is critical to your success, and the success of your clients. After completion of this course, you will receive an EEM Partner designation, and you will be prepared to facilitate EEMs from start to finish and confidently add this under-utilized product to your range of services.

Cost: Early Bird Rate- $649 through February 11 and $749 after February 11
Registration Link:http://www.eemtraining.com/hers-partner-resnet-0213
Presenter: Jason Payne, EEM Training

Room: Grand Ballroom 10

Homes 401 LEED for Homes Green Rater Training

The LEED for Homes program has a total of 80,000 registered residential units and over 21,000 certified as of June 2012.  The program has grown with increasing pace over the past year. All registered LEED for Homes projects must have a LEED for Homes Green Rater on the verification team and HERS Raters are ideal professionals to conduct the required performance testing and verify the home’s green measures. LEED for Homes Green Raters must meet professional eligibility qualifications, participate in the Green Rater Training, and pass an assessment before verifying LEED for Homes projects. Once in the field, they complete a mentorship before earning their certificate. The result: A strong credible program supported by arguably the most qualified, competent and successful green raters in the industry. Join us for the 2 day workshop portion of the training. Upon (and included) in registration, you will receive access to 5 online learning modules that must be completed before arriving to the workshop portion.  Join hundreds of your colleagues in becoming a LEED for Homes Green Rater!

Cost: $695
Registration Link: http://homes401greenratertraining.eventbrite.com/
Presenters: USGBC Faculty

Room: Grand Ballroom 11

IR for Weatherization & Energy Audits

This 2-day class is designed for energy auditors, weatherization contractors and home performance professionals who use thermal imaging or are considering adding the technology to their program. IR for Weatherization and Energy Audits will meet the needs of any building thermographer that is using infrared to inspect residential buildings for insulation defects, air leakage problems and moisture related issues. Courses are open to all models of thermal imaging equipment. There are several hands-on simulations and exercises built into the course. While having an infrared camera is not necessarily required for attendance, it is strongly suggested that participants who own a thermal imager bring it to get the most out of the course. Completion of this course prepares students to successfully apply infrared technology to residential energy audits.

Cost: $795
Registration Link: http://www.thesnellgroup.com/TrainingDetails.aspx?id=10720/
Presenter: Matt Schwoegler, The Snell Group

Room: Grand Ballroom 12

Manual J and Manual D Training

This is an introductory Manual-J and Manual-D Training course designed for folks that have a good understanding of building envelope details and a fundamental understanding of HVAC systems. We’ll take you through the basics of the Manual J, S, D, & T design process, in addition to using the Wrightsoft software to produce Manual-J’s and D’s from ground zero.

Cost: $485
Registration Link: hhttp://homeenergypartners.com/training/hvac-training/manual-j-training/
Presenter: Isaac Savage, Home Energy Partners

Room: Grand Ballroom 12

PHIUS+ Rater Training

Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) is seeking experienced HERS Raters to complete a two day course in order to become qualified to conduct on-site quality assurance for the PHIUS+ program. Passive Houses are some of the most energy efficient buildings in the world, with space conditioning energy savings of up to 90% compared to standard new construction. The PHIUS+ certification program for North American Passive Houses combines extensive design review with a rigorous on-site quality assurance program. PHIUS+ aligns with the quality assurance protocols of Energy Star 3.0 and DOE Challenge Home, while including additional tests and checks, specific to the PHIUS+ program.

The two-day course includes one day of classroom work with a second day spent in the field, demonstrating advanced testing and inspection protocols for the PHIUS+ program. The course concludes on the second day with an exam. Successfully completing the course and exam qualifies a Rater to become a PHIUS+ Rater and earns the Rater fourteen (14) RESNET professional development credits. Application to the program is required. More details can be found on the PHIUS website at www.passivehouse.us

Cost: $495
Registration Link: http://www.passivehouse.us/passiveHouse/PHIUSPlusRaterTraining2013Resnet.html
Presenters: John Semmelhack, PHIUS

Room: Crystal Ballroom C

How to Make the Case and Capture Your Place in the Home Performance Space

Who is this person called a “Home Performance Contractor”? Maybe you are one, would like to become one or maybe you just want to learn how to best position your company to perform and profit from the Home Performance frenzy! If you’re looking for the ultimate Building Science session, this ain’t it! But, if you want to get great insight into the nuts and bolts of managing, marketing and the business end of making money as a Home Performance Contractor this is THE session for you. And if you’d love to learn how to price your work, win the job and profitably sub-contract your insulation, auditing or other energy services to a Home Performance Contractor, this session is a must attend.

Cost: Very Early bird- $797 before December 31; Early Bird- $895 before January 31, $995 after January 31
Registration Link: http://www.homeperformanceprofit.com/
Presenters: Mike Gorman, TechKnowledge; Peter Troast, Energy Circle and Wally Conway, HomePro

Room: Grand Ballroom 14


Monday, February 25th

Designing, Implementing and Managing an Efficiency Program

This six hour interactive workshop will discuss the fundamentals involved in designing a program, best ways to implement the program and the keys to managing it effectively. The workshop is designed for utility and government employees involved in efficiency programs, efficiency consulting companies or any other individual that has a key involvement in an efficiency program. The workshop will be interactive in nature and will have a core agenda to discuss fundamental concepts and allow ample time for discussion among attendees. Discussions are designed to help the attendees focus on their particular needs, discuss new and innovative ideas and ensure the workshop has a high level of value to those attending.

Types of programs that will be discussed:**
• Residential and commercial programs. Focus of the workshop will be residential and small commercial
• New construction and existing building programs.
• Community education and outreach programs.

All aspects of designing, implementing and managing these programs will be discussed.**
• Types of rebates, rebate levels, ways to pay rebates
• Types of Measures, contractor training, stakeholder relationships
• Key fundamental building science concepts and techniques
• Budgeting, reporting, guideline development, QA/QC, EM&V
• Marketing, branding, value propositions, program sustainability
• And much, much, much, much, more….

**Note: Due to time, large commercial and industrial programs will not be presented but may discussed during interactive sessions. Also, Total Resource Cost (TRC) and Rate Impact Measure (RIM) will only be discussed in brief detail on how they affect program designs.  In depth discussion of these calculations and their use will not be a part of this workshop.

If you have any questions or would like more details, contact David Reed at:

Cost: $30
Registration Link: http://www.beapfl.org/events
Presenter: David Reed, JEA

Room: Crystal Ballroom D

WaterSense Inspector Training

WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by the US EPA to promote water-efficient products and practices across the country. The WaterSense label makes it easy to find products and services that save water while ensuring performance. The US EPA created WaterSense to help protect the future of our nation’s water supply.

Because residential water use accounts for more than half of the publicly supplied water in the United States, WaterSense has a specification for single-family new homes that use 20% less water than a typical new home. A WaterSense labeled home is a marketing tool that can help new homeowner’s save water now, pay less for utilities every month and protect resources for future generations.

Becoming a WaterSense Inspector is the first step to helping your builders build water efficient homes. This training will enable you to become a WaterSense Inspector. By partnering with a WaterSense Licensed Certification Provider, you will have the ability to certify homes for the WaterSense program.

Upon completing this class, you will earn a certificate of completion which will enable you to begin you probationary inspections as a WaterSense Inspector.

Cost: $300
Registration Link: http://energylogicacademy.com/course-descriptions/programs/watersense-inspector-training/
Presenter: Carissa Sawyer, EnergyLogic

Room: Crystal Ballroom F

Tuesday, February 26th

Manual-D Training

This is a Manual-D training course for folks that are already familiar with using Wrightsoft to produce Manual-J’s. We’ll jump right in to equipment specification and duct layout/sizing using Wrightsoft. You’ll have the opportunity to work through a few examples during class to explore scenarios that include:

Defining your ductwork materials and components
Specifying available static pressure
Reading equipment blower charts
Manual-T basics (Where’s the best place to put those terminations?)
Zoning (including bi-level zoning)
Specifying risers

Cost: $285
Registration Link: http://homeenergypartners.com/training/hvac-training/manual-d-training/
Presenter: Isaac Savage, Home Energy Partners

Room: Grand Ballroom 13

Half Day Courses

Tuesday, February 26th 8 AM-Noon

HERS 101

Many individuals attend the RESNET Conference to determine whether they will enter the rating industry. Many of the sessions offered in past conferences are a bit too high in jargon and assumed knowledge for persons just entering the rating industry. This session will introduce a beginner to the rating industry and provide a context for the other more advanced sessions to be offered at the conference.

Cost: Included in the RESNET Conference registration fee
Registration Link: https://www1.resnet.us/conference/registration/default.aspx?ConferenceID=5
Presenter: Abe Kruger, Kruger Sustainability Group

Room: Crystal Ballroom A&B

Meeting ASHRAE 62.2 2010 – Practical Application

Join Skye Dunning, Bruce Manclark and Dan Wildenhaus in a half-day session on the tips, tricks and real world challenges of meeting ASHRAE 62.2 2010. Skye will bring his knowledge of the south east and east coast, while Dan and Bruce will represent the north and west climate zones. Part presentation, part hands on training with controls, designs, calculations and installation on the new challenges faced in ventilating energy efficient homes.

Cost: $95
Registration Link: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07e6v7g7qrd8accbc1&oseq=
Presenters: Skye Dunning, Building Performance Specialists and Dan Wildenhaus and Thomas Anreise, Fluid Market Strategies

Room: Crystal Ballroom C

Sketchup for Raters

SketchUp is a powerful free graphic modeling tool developed by Google. EnergyLogic has successfully adopted SketchUp to streamline the from-plans rating take-off process for our clients. It has proven to be a strong tool when reviewing probationary ratings and performing quality assurance. This training is designed to familiarize you with SketchUp tool and provide you with practice designing a model using the tool. Then we will use the scripts developed by EnergyLogic to generate a report designed for easy input into REM/Rate. Using SketchUp will improve your speed and accuracy in performing take-offs.
The price for this training is $250.00 Bonus: The scripts are included with this course. To download the scripts you will need to register for the training at the website below.
This course is designed for HERS Raters or other energy professionals with equivalent experience with energy modeling. It has been specifically designed to help complete take-offs for quick from-plans rating data collection.

Cost: $250
Registration Link: http://energylogicacademy.com/course-descriptions/professional-development/sketchup-training/
Presenter: Glenn Pease, EnergyLogic

Room: Crystal Ballroom D

Tuesday, February 26th 1 PM-5 PM

Advanced Envelope Diagnostics- In-field Session

You owe it to yourself to quickly and easily pinpoint air leakage and insulation problems with 100% accuracy. Develop a masterful clarity in your diagnostic data, and make the most efficient use of your valuable time in your clients’ homes. In this 4-hour course, learn to quickly and effectively use the blower door for more than just a CFM50: rock that house with Zonal Pressure Testing, Infrared Thermography, Pressure Panning, Chemical Smoke, and more, to map out the exact prioritization of opportunities for improvement. And establish how best to explain the test results to your clients. Don’t sit back and let somebody else show you up- PROVE you can find the problems, and that you solve them! There is a maximum of 20 participants for this course and participants must provide their own transportation to the home. *This session is now full email laurel@resnet.us to get on a waiting list.

Cost: Included in the RESNET Conference registration fee
Registration Link: https://www1.resnet.us/conference/registration/default.aspx?ConferenceID=5
Presenters: Corbett Lunsford, Green Dream Group and Scott Suddreth, Building Performance Engineering

Performing Multifamily HERS Ratings

Congratulations, you’ve landed a big multifamily project! Now the only thing you have to do is figure out the HERS Rating. Even for experienced HERS Raters the first multifamily Rating can be an intimidating endeavor. This session will cover the ins and outs of multifamily building level and unit level HERS Ratings. During the session we will rate a sample project from plans as a group and go through the process of selecting the “worse case” units. We’ll cover how to address common areas, elevator shafts, commercial spaces, adjacent structures, party walls, duct leakage testing, and numerous others. This session is conducted to by two HERS Raters/Quality Assurance Designees (QADs) with nearly 15 years combined Rating experience and will show students hands-on experience doing a rating on a multifamily project.

Cost: $50
Registration Link: http://energylogicacademy.com/course-descriptions/professional-development/performing-multifamily-hers-ratings/
Presenters: Abe Kruger, Kruger Sustainability Group and Glenn Pease, EnergyLogic

Room: Crystal Ballroom D

REM/Rate Advanced Training

This session is specifically designed for those who have previous experience using Architectural Energy Corporation’s REM/Rate home energy rating software. The session will be led by V. Robert Salcido, P.E, a Senior Engineer at AEC who has been involved with development of REM/Rate for over 12 years. The session will cover new features as well as the more obscure features of the software — custom reporting, utility bill disaggregation, batch processing, library management, improvement analysis and more. If you’ve always had the feeling that you’re not using REM/Rate to its full potential, of if you have specific questions about the software, you shouldn’t miss this session.

Cost: Included in the RESNET Conference registration fee
Registration Link: https://www1.resnet.us/conference/registration/default.aspx?ConferenceID=5
Presenters: Robert Salcido and Brian Christensen, Architectural Energy

Room: Crystal Ballroom A&B

DOE Challenge Home TrainingZero Net-Energy Ready Homes

The slowly recovering housing market is ready for a label that makes it easy for consumers to identify zero net-energy ready homes that are so efficient a small renewable energy system can offset most or all annual energy consumption.  Constructing zero net-energy ready homes is relatively easy. Ensuring they consistently deliver affordability, comfort, health, safety, durability and quality-construction is the goal of the DOE Challenge Home specifications.

In 2013 DOE Challenge Home is conducting Zero Net-Energy Ready Home training with our Sponsor Partners throughout the country.  This 3.5-hour training provides builders with a comprehensive review of zero net-energy ready home construction including the business case, detailed specifications, and opportunities to be recognized as an industry leader.

DOE Challenge Home is now accepting a select group of trainer partners to help conduct these sessions.  Trainers have the opportunity to present the Zero Net-Energy Ready Home curriculum to builders, strengthen their knowledge, and network with DOE’s manufacturer and utility Sponsor Partners.  To be eligible to serve as a trainer, an individual must be a professional building science trainer, a DOE Building America research team member, or a RESNET-accredited Training Provider.  DOE will also consider other Raters or building science consultants with strong training backgrounds.  DOE will screen all potential trainers for conflicts of interest.  Candidates must also attend a DOE Challenge Home train-the-trainer session.  The next train-the-trainer session will take place Tuesday February 26 at the RESNET National Conference in Orlando, FL.  If you are interested in participating please contact DOE Challenge Home at DOEChallengeHome@newportpartnersllc.com.

Presenters: Sam Raskin, DOE and Jamie Lyons, Newport Partners

Room: Crystal Ballroom F