Daybreak Community in Salt Lake City Requires Every New Home to be Energy Rated and Is Marketing the HERS Index of Homes

August 17th, 2011 - Posted by RESNET under Hot News

Daybreak is a community development that is located where most of the Salt Lake Valley’s growth is taking place. The development has adopted a plan for sustainable development. A key feature of this commitment that all homes built in the development must have high energy performance. The development requires that all homes are energy rated and it market’s the homes’ HERS Index.

Every home built in the development must be rated at least a 80 on the HERS Index. The development also offers a “Daybreak Solar-Powered” option with a HERS Index of 40 and a Net Zero Energy Home. On the development’s web site it features a page that interactively portrays the HERS Index and compares the savings of the rated homes with the typical existing home in the market. The page can be viewed at

Daybreak has also centered the focus on Utah’s “Parade of Homes” around HERS. For more information on the development visit their web site at

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