Reminder – November 29, 2010 is Deadline for Applying for the 2011 RESNET Rating industry Leadership Awards

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Do you know of a rating company or organization that has done an extraordinary job in the rating industry?

This is an opportunity for you to nominate them for national recognition. To recognize leadership in the rating industry, RESNET has established the Rating Industry Achievement Awards.

There are three categories in which you can nominate yourself or another organization:

RESNET Market Transformation Award

This award will be presented to the organization/rater that has made the most significant contribution to penetrating their housing market with rating services while maintaining the quality of the services. Applicants must clearly document the significance of the impact of their program in the defined housing market. The criteria for the award is the organization’s quantifiable impact on the defined housing market, the significance of the housing market, support of national programs such as ENERGY STAR or Builders Challenge, and the transferability of the effort.

RESNET Industry Innovation Award

This award will be presented to the organization that has developed and implemented the most innovative program or policy. Applicants must clearly document why the program, idea, effort and its impact is unique. The criteria for the award would be originality, creativity, and impact on the rating industry.

RESNET Program Leadership Award

This award will recognize the outstanding contribution of that a residential energy efficiency initiative has made to the rating industry. Programs such as Building America, ENERGY STAR, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, or a government agency lending institution or local, regional or national level would qualify for this category.

The RESNET Rating Industry Achievement Awards will be awarded by the RESNET Board of Directors and presented at the 2011 RESNET Building Performance Conference.

Go to to download a detailed description of each award and instructions on how to submit an application/nomination form.

Applications/nominations are due to RESNET on November 26, 2010.

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