Draft PDS-01 of proposed Addendum 31f: Rescind the RESNET Rater Simulation Practical Test Requirement for Certified Raters

Proposed Addendum 31f establishes the permanent amendment implemented by interim Addendum 31i. The Addendum amends the MINHERS Chapter 2 to implement the RESNET Board of Directors Executive Committee directive that removes the online RESNET Rater Simulation Practical Test requirement for existing certified RESNET HERS Raters. The directive states: “…beginning today, existing certified HERS Raters (those certified prior to July 1, 2016) are no longer required to pass the Practical Simulation Test.  HERS Raters who have already passed the Practical Simulation Test will be credited 18 hours of professional development credits which is required every three years for recertification.”

Draft PDS-01 MINHERS Addendum 31f, Rescind the RESNET Rater Simulation Practical TestRequirement for Certified Raters

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