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March 28th, 2011 - Posted by Ed Voytovich under Energy Auditor Information, RESNET News

The training will be presented in manageable modules that will be given in the morning, evening and on weekends so that Raters don’t have to worry about about missing work. Raters may attend training from the comfort of their own home or office, thus eliminating the travel and hotel costs associated with traditional classroom trainings.

The six modules will cover the following topics:

* ENERGY STAR v3 overview, Version 2.5, and energy modeling for v3 and v2.5
* Thermal Enclosure Checklist (part 1)
* Thermal Enclosure Checklist (part 2)
* HVAC Quality Checklists (part 1)
* HVAC Quality Checklists (part 2)
* Water Management Checklist and EPA Indoor airPLUS

The beauty of this format is that once the training is paid for, Raters will have the ability to take training modules either all within a 1-week period, or over the course of the upcoming months before ENERGY STAR v3 becomes mandatory.

Further ENERGY STAR v3 training details and registration at

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  • Brian Tedder

    What all do I need to do to become resnet certified? Also will I be able to take the training online?

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