Fluke Tir32 Infrared Camera for sale

December 8th, 2010 - Posted by Daniel R Snyder under Energy Auditor Information, RESNET News

I purchased this camera (and other equipment) last month, but the my partner backed out and the business startup loan fell through. The camera has never been used in the field. All I did was charge the batteries and take a few images around the house. I’m located in Chicago. I have all receipts – paid $9000. Asking $4900. My loss, your gain. Please email or call me at 773-653-1449 (cell)

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  • http://energycodeservices.com R Todd Trusty

    Yes, I am interested in purchasing your camera. Please send me the copy of the invoice and the address of the retailer if you could so I can verify the purchase and make sure I can still get the warranty.

    Energy Services, Inc

  • segal

    I am interested in purchasing the camera please contact me by e-mail
    Thanks segal

  • http://energycodeservices.com R Todd Trusty

    Please contact me about the purchase of the camera. I have left you two messages by phone as well.
    Thank you,
    R Todd Trusty

  • http://www.safehaveninspections.com Steve Stanczyk

    Is this still available? Have cash. Will buy.

  • mark

    Is the camera still for sale. Thanks mark

  • Brad Souza

    I assume this is old and sold but in not, can you email or call me at 510-228-9203

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