For Sale: Barely used Energy Auditing Equipment

November 9th, 2011 - Posted by Raymond Kaltenbach under Energy Efficiency, RESNET News

I have taken a job with a major company, so I’m shutting down my business and selling my equipment. Everything was purchased in May 2010. I’m selling a blower door, duct blaster, CO detector, combustible gas detector, and all accessories including storage/transportation bags for everything. The blower door was used about a dozen times. The duct blaster was used once on my home to verify it worked; it’s not been used since. I am asking $3750 for everything below:

Minneapolis Blower Door with DG700, Tectite software, cruise control cable

Duct Blaster with calibration plate and it’s own DG700

Foam blocks for sealing registers

Hose Kit for Blower Door/Duct Blaster

Smoke Puffer Kit

CO detector

Combustible gas detector

I paid over $5000 for all this equipment. I’ve priced it aggressively to sell quickly. The electronics may need calibration service from the manufacturer, which I think runs $75. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Ray Kaltenbach


This post was submitted by Raymond Kaltenbach.

  • do you still have it?

    What is the best you will do on all? Will you ship? What would you sale duct blaster set up for?

  • Ryan Brotherton

    What will you sale the duct blaster alone for? Thanks

  • Dhananjay Wagholikar

    Please indicate your expectation while selling above equipments. I am writing from Pune, India
    warm regards

  • O’shay watson

    Have you sold the equipment yet?

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