On-Line, On-Demand, Self-Paced ENERGY STAR v3 Training Class

September 30th, 2016 - Posted by Sharla Riead under Training Opportunities, Upcoming Events

This course will provide the training required for a Certified HERS Rater to verify homes under the ENERGY STAR program. The $380.00 course includes the exam which must be passed to achieve this certification. Successful completion of this course will earn the student 18 RESNET CEU’s.

Most ENERGY STAR training programs use a checklist by checklist, item by item approach. We found that method leaves a lot to be desired when you try to apply it in the real world. The “Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist” if completed from top to bottom requires you to traverse the same path up to six (6) times – we counted 538 total steps! The ARN optimized training method instead teaches you what to verify inspection by inspection rather than checklist by checklist. When you look at a window, you are prepared to verify everything needed for that window at one time. This reduces the number of steps to 138 and this is just for one of four (4) checklists which must be completed for ENERGY STAR. Save the steps for the gym. When you are working, every step impacts your profits. Where you choose to get your training can make a significant difference in the amount of time spent on-site and at your computer.

ENERGY STAR revision 8 updates are included in this training. Real site verification photos help you understand what you are looking for and what you are likely to see in your inspection visits. Expand your building science knowledge and certifications at the same time. Learn more and register at: http://accuraterater.com/wpc5/

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