Reminder: October 29, 2010 is the Deadline for the Nomination of Candidates for the RESNET Board

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The RESNET By-Laws provides for staggered terms of office for board members.  The following seats’ term expire on December 31, 2010:

Rating Provider Representatives (2 Seats)
Rating Software Provider Representative (1 Seats)
Rater Representatives (3 seats)
Associate Member Representative (1 Seat)

The RESNET By-Laws requires that a Nominations Committee recommend a slate of candidates for the membership’s consideration.  This must be submitted to the members at least 45 days before the deadline for voting.  RESNET members have the opportunity to independently nominate other candidates for the seats within 30 days of the election.  Shortly after the deadline for independent nominations, RESNET staff will prepare an electronic ballot and submit it to the membership.

The nominations committee has recommended the following slate of candidates for the 2010 RESNET Board election:

Rating Provider Representatives

Ben Adams, MaGrann Associates (Incumbent)
Kelly Parker, Guaranteed Watt Saver (Incumbent)

Rating Software Provider Representative

Charles Eley, Architectural Energy Corporation (Incumbent)

Rater Representatives

Mark Jansen, Energy Efficient Homes Midwest (Incumbent)
Daran Wastchak, D.R. Wastchak (Incumbent)
Barb Yankie, Homes +, Inc. (Incumbent)

RESNET is accepting nominations from RESNET members to be independent candidates for the RESNET Board.  To nominate yourself or another RESNET member as a candidate, you need to write a letter of nomination and e-mail it to me at by Friday, October 29, 2010.

The letter of interest must contain:

Name of Person
Organization belonging to
Category of representative interested in being considered for
One paragraph bio
One paragraph statement on what can contribute to the RESNET Board of Directors

If you are considering whether to submit a nomination, I urge you to examine the time commitments that you will be making by serving on the RESNET Board.  The time commitment of a board member will go up in 2011 just have they done in 2010.  With the greater emphasis being placed with building energy performance, there will be growing responsibilities placed on RESNET and its board.  There will be two face-to-face meeting of the board in 2011.  Board members need to cover their own travel expenses.  You should expect a quarterly board teleconference and an average of five electronic ballots a month.

Another consideration of your time will be staff’s proposal that board members serve as ambassadors of the organization.  RESNET is undertaking a national marketing campaign that will feature possible media interviews with board members.  At the October board meeting, RESNET staff will propose that in 2011 all board members attend a 1/2 day media training in Washington, DC.  During this training, you will be given tips on how to effectively give interviews to the media.  If approved by the board, RESNET will cover the training but board members would be responsible for their own travel to D.C..

To better understand the responsibilities of being a RESNET board member, please review the RESNET Board of Directors Resources web page which includes:

  • Responsibilities and Duties of Members of RESNET Board
  • RESNET Board Policies and Procedures Manual
  • RESNET Board Briefing Paper on RESNET Organization
  • RESNET Strategic Planning Framework
  • RESNET Annual Priorities
  • RESNET Board Minutes

You can view this information by clicking on

The electronic ballots for the 2010 RESNET Board of Directors election will be posted on November 5, 2010 and the deadline for voting will be December 1, 2010.

After the nomination period has expired and before the electronic ballots are posted, RESNET will post bios and statements from candidates seeking election to the RESNET Board.

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