RESNET Adopts Guidelines for Qualified Builders and Contractors

April 21st, 2010 - Posted by RESNET under RESNET Notes, RESNET Notes - April 2010

In the past, there has been a gap between a quality energy audit and actual improvements being made to the home.  An energy auditor or rater would inspect and test the home and leave recommendations for energy improvements to the homeowner.  The homeowner would then have to fend for themselves to find a qualified contactor.  Consumers are skeptical of contactors and it is not easy to find qualified contactors to undertake the energy upgrades.  Too often, this gap resulted in nothing getting done.  RESNET has embarked on an aggressive effort for the rating and auditing of existing homes and is aiming to bridge this gap.

The Building Performance Institute (BPI) has made remarkable progress in the training and accreditation of comprehensive building performance contractors and RESNET supports its efforts.  The case is, however, that many contractors are not prepared yet to become comprehensive building performance contractors.  RESNET is aiming to create a path in which contractors can be prepared to transition to be building performance contactors.

RESNET has adopted Qualified Contractor and Builder Guidelines for contractors and builders to be recognized by RESNET.  In order to receive this designation, a contractor must complete training that provides an overview to building science, pass a RESNET online test, agree to a code of ethics and RESNET’s consumer complaint resolution process and be certified by a RESNET Accredited Contractor Education and Qualification Provider (CEQ).  The newly adopted guidelines are posted at

The RESNET guidelines can be viewed as an entry to the proposed Home Star Silver Star program.  Silver Star is the first level of the Home Star Program and will provide rebates of $1,000 to $1,500 for basic upgrades such as replacing a heating system or adding insulation.  The Silver Star provision only requires basic contractor license and insurance for contractors to participate.  The RESNET designation will allow the emerging contractor base to differentiate themselves from other contractors in the market place who have no training nor third party consumer resolution process.  The contractors must also link with a RESNET certified energy auditor and energy rater.

It is also the goal of the RESNET’s goal to give these contractors the introductory training and experience to allow them to expand their services and become accredited comprehensive building performance contactors through BPI.  These guidelines are not intended to compete with the BPI building performance contractor accreditation.

RESNET is now accepting applications for organizations to become Contractor and Builder Education and Qualification Providers.  The application is posted at

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