RESNET Adopts Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings

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RESNET has broken new ground in performance testing by adopting the nation’s first procedures for incorporating the thermographic inspections in the energy ratings and audits of buildings. Thermal imaging technology has advanced significantly in the past few years and the price of equipment has grown more affordable.

The guidelines provide guidance on the use of infrared thermography for the inspection of low rise, three stories or less, wood or steel frame, residential and light commercial buildings.  The purposes of the guidelines are to:

  • Provide for the means by which raters and energy auditors can obtain a RESNET advanced certification in infrared thermography.
  • Provide inspection guidance in using infrared thermography for air intrusion and insulation inspections.
  • Provide a possible substitute for an insulation inspection on a new building where viewing of the insulation installation was not accomplished before the drywall was applied.

The guidelines include information for:

  • Using an infrared imaging system to determine radiation differences associated with surface temperature variations of a building enclosure
  • Determining whether the areas being viewed meet the specifications in the guideline and in the RESNET 2006 Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating System Standards.
  • Documenting the type and extent of any observed anomalies
  • Locating the primary areas needing further physical inspection
  • Providing an indication of thermal insulation performance and continuity
  • Indicating areas affected by air and convection when an infrared imaging system is used in combination with blower door operation.

The guidelines were drafted by the RESNET Infrared Scanning Task Force.  The task force based the guidelines on existing ASTM and ISO thermographic standards as well as Canadian and United Kingdom standards.

It is RESNET’s intent to incorporate the guidelines into the RESNET national home energy rating standards when the work on developing the new chapter on performance testing is completed.

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