RESNET Adopts Guidelines for Combustion Safety Testing and Developing Work Orders

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With the growing interest by consumers, utilities and governments in comprehensive retrofits, the RESNET Board of Directors has adopted the “RESNET Interim Guidelines for Combustion Appliance Testing and Writing Work Scope”.

The guidelines provide an opportunity for RESNET certified home energy raters and energy auditors to be trained and certified to undertake combustion appliance testing and writing a work scope as part of a comprehensive home energy retrofit.

An analysis by representatives of the board of directors and the technical committees of the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and RESNET found that the primary difference between a RESNET Home Energy Rater and a BPI Building Analyst was that the rater did not have training nor certification to undertake combustion safety testing nor developing work orders.  The adoption of these guidelines addresses this gap.

These guidelines define the procedures that home energy raters or energy auditors certified under RESNET’s standards must follow in performing combustion appliance testing or writing work scopes for retrofits.

The guidelines recognize the combustion safety and work order procedures adopted by BPI and the certification issued by BPI or an approved equivalent home performance certification program.

It is RESNET’s intent that this will incorporate the guidelines into the RESNET national home energy rating standards when the work on developing the new chapter on performance testing is completed.

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden hailed the adoption of the guidelines “as an opportunity for home energy raters to expand their business opportunities to include the testing out and developing work scopes for retrofit efforts.  This will position raters to participate in the Gold Star program if Home Star is passed by Congress.”

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