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By Laurel Elam, RESNET

RESNET rater members, we have heard you. Over the past few months we have received a number of suggestions on how to improve the new RESNET website and better meet the needs of our rater members. In response to your input, we have implemented the following:

  • The premium directory listing zip code radius now has been extended to 50 miles instead of 25 miles
  • Rural zip codes now have a 50 mile radius  
  • If a rater is not located in a certain zip code, then the homeowner or builder is shown how to search by state
  • The premium directory listings are highlighted and located at the top of
    the page when searching by state
  • The rater member list clearly indicates that a premium listing is an
    optional upgrade  
  • The homeowner and professional boxes that lead to that side of the
    website are larger and more prominent
  • A search function was added so that it is easier to find information
  • The rater directory is listed by itself instead of being buried among the
    various contractor listings

Later this summer, RESNET will launch an aggressive national marketing campaign aimed at consumer education on the value of retrofit and working with raters and contractors. This effort will focus on drawing consumers to the new RESNET website. As a result of the effort, we expect a major increase in traffic to the site.

We thank you for your suggestions and our goal is make a website a portal for consumers while still being a resource of information for our members. We appreciate your further ideas on improving the effectiveness of your
listing on the site.

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