RESNET Hosts Free Webinar – “All Signs Point to Zero: How Raters Can Serve the New Housing Imperative” 3:00 p.m. Eastern – Tuesday December 18, 2018

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Make no mistake about it. The vast innovation imperative transforming every industry is coming to a housing industry near you…soon! This is because homebuyers are growing exponentially smarter. Lowest cost per square foot will no longer close the deal.  And we haven’t even begun to talk about the new risks confronting builders as energy codes have reached the building science tipping point…the point where homes can no longer dry if they get wet, get wet easier, provide less fresh air, experience longer swing seasons, and require much less air flow for heating and cooling.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, zero is the answer…and that’s why all signs are clearly pointing to a zero transformation going on right now. This includes DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes that dramatically reduce risk and vastly exceed buyers’ expectations with a whole new level of affordability, comfort, health, safety, durability and quality.

American homebuyers want this experience with the largest investment of a lifetime. They just don’t know it’s available and how to get it… yet.

RESNET will be hosting a free webinar that will look at the market forces driving housing to zero energy along with an overview of the Zero Energy Ready Home program, including the technical specifications, compelling marketing resources, and business opportunity for HERS raters to up serve their low HERS Index builders.

The webinar will be led by Sam Rashkin, DOE’s Chief Architect of the Building Technologies and manager of the Zero Energy Ready Home program.

The webinar is free but you must register. To register go to All Signs Point to Zero: How Raters Can Serve the New Housing Imperative Webinar.

Welcome to the future, register for the webinar today.

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