Patented ventilation control designed specifically for new construction

May 29th, 2018 - Posted by Joseph Hillenmeyer under RESNET News

MADISON, Wisc – (January 2018) – Energy efficiency and code compliances are front and center in new home construction, yet they often run counter to one another in the real world. While builders bring in fresh air to ensure health and comfort and meet new code requirements, their homes are intentionally constructed with a tight

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How RESNET is Poising the HERS Industry for the Next Level of Growth

May 29th, 2018 - Posted by under RESNET News

Into the Great Wide Open   How RESNET is Poising the HERS Industry for the Next Level of Growth In November 2016, the RESNET Board of Directors challenged all of us with the ambitious goal that 50% of all new homes would be HERS rated in 2020. We believe the growth in the demand for

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RESNET Announces Kick-off of HERSH2O Pilot Phase

May 25th, 2018 - Posted by under RESNET News

In many parts of the nation, water is fast becoming an increasingly expensive commodity, with national water and sewer rates rising faster than energy costs. While not every community is facing drought conditions, most homeowners are burdened by increasing water and sewer rates. With the increasing costs of water, homebuyers will soon want to know how efficiently

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Alabama Power Launches Smart Neighborhood – All Homes Achieved Mid-40s HERS Index Scores

May 24th, 2018 - Posted by under RESNET News

Working with homebuilder Signature Homes Alabama Power has launched a Smart Community in Hoover, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. It is reported that the Alabama Power project is the first microgrid in the Southeast to support an entire residential community.  The microgrid consists of solar panels, battery storage, and a backup natural gas generator.  

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Are you ready to become a HERS Rater?

May 22nd, 2018 - Posted by Dina Dillon under RESNET News

Our Energy Rater live workshop will prepare candidates to take the required RESNET exams and covers Energy Rater, Live Workshop subject matter ranging from building science to business operations. We use innovative training techniques to create the highest level of knowledge transfer for our students, resulting in a much higher than average pass rate on

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RESNET to Launch New Podcast, RESTalk

May 22nd, 2018 - Posted by under RESNET News

RESNET is pleased to announce the launch of its new podcast, RESTalk. This will present a new way to stay up-to-date on everything RESNET and HERS, including initiatives, standards, marketing, and more. Podcasts are digital talk programs available for Internet download, on a user’s own computer, phone, or media player. Once obscure, these episodic podcasts

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RESNET and Earth Advantage Team Together to Make It Easier for Buyers of New Homes in the Portland, Oregon Market to Locate and Purchase an Energy Efficient Home

May 17th, 2018 - Posted by under RESNET News

RESNET and Earth Advantage are excited to announce a joint initiative to make it easier to buy a HERS rated energy efficient home in the Portland, Oregon housing market. RESNET and Earth Advantage have agreed to work together to pilot the auto-population of HERS Index Scores into the Portland, Oregon metro area Regional Multiple Listing

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