RESNET Posts Rater Professional Development Training Opportunities

December 21st, 2010 - Posted by RESNET under Energy Auditor Information, Rater Information, RESNET News, RESNET Notes, RESNET Notes - December 2010

RESNET’s standards require that certified Home Energy Raters receive professional development training to maintain their certification.  This training can be met by one of the following options:

  • Complete 18 hours of refresher course(s) offered by a RESNET Accredited Training Provider every three years.
  • Documentation of 18 hours of attendance at a RESNET Building Performance Conference in three years.
  • Pass the RESNET National Rater Test every three years.

RESNET has posted the refresher courses that have been approved to meet the rater professional development requirement.  The professional development training includes sessions from the ACI Conference, the EEBA Conference, and the Houses That Work seminars.

To view the rater professional development training approved by RESNET, click on RESNET Rater Professional Development Training. The listing is continually being updated so if you can’t find a current training opportunity check back periodically.

For information on how to meet the rater professional development requirement by attending the 2011 RESNET Building Performance Conference click on 2011 RESNET Conference.

  • Professional Development Training

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