RESNET Proposes Amendments to National Home Energy Rating Standards – February 2011

February 21st, 2011 - Posted by RESNET under Hot News

RESNET has submitted two proposed amendments to the Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards for the standard amendment public review and comment process.

The proposed amendment is:

  • Amended Lighting, Appliance and Miscellaneous Energy Usage Profiles Previously RESNET had a public review and comment process on amending the RESNET standards treatment of lighting, appliances and miscellaneous usage profiles. The proposed change results from the findings of a comprehensive DOE-funded study of miscellaneous loads in residential buildings conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center and National Renewable Energy Laboratory which found that these loads are significantly over predicted by the procedures required by the current RESNET standards. In addition to recommending changes to rating procedures for end uses already rated by RESNET standards, this report recommends procedures to rate the relative efficiency of additional end uses that are not included in the current standards. These additional end uses are clothes washers, and clothes dryers. After the public comment process the RESNET considered the comments submitted and decided to amend the proposed changes. Public comment is being solicited on the proposed changes.
  • Standards for Performance Testing- New Chapter 8 For the past two years the RESNET Technical Committee has been working on a draft RESNET standard on performance testing. Previously there was no single section in the standards that defined the procedures for performance testing. In addition to adding standards for performance testing, the draft rolls in the interim guidelines for work scope development and combustion appliance safety testing that the RESNET previously adopted. This proposed amendment is necessary to improve the accuracy of the testing procedures for building infiltration and duct leakage, and to provide standardized methods for measuring ventilation airflows which are a requirement under the new version of ENERGY STAR.

Public comments on the proposed amendment will be accepted until April 1, 2011. To submit your comments, click here. Comments are posted real time and you will be able to review comments that were submitted by clicking here.

After the comment period the appropriate RESNET committee will consider and document each of the comments submitted and make appropriate changes. The revised proposed amendments then will be submitted to the RESNET Standards Committee who will review the public comment process then recommend to the RESNET Board for adoption.

  • Ed Carr

    Is there an Executive Summary of the findings of the DOE funded study on lighting, appliance, and miscellaneous energy usages? Have the other calculation approaches been modified or are they in process?

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