RESNET Revamps RESNET EnergySmart Contractor Guidelines – Creates EnergySmart Home Performance Teams for Implementing Comprehensive Home Performance Improvement Projects

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RESNET Enerergysmart Contractor RESNET has undertaken an aggressive effort to foster the energy improvement of existing homes. To better meet the need for the training and designation of contractors to undertake energy improvements of homes and team up with certified raters, RESNET has adopted a comprehensive revision of its RESNET EnergySmart Contractor Guidelines.

The most significant improvement is the creation of RESNET Energy Smart Home Performance Teams for implementing comprehensive home energy performance improvements. The new guidelines require that these teams must have a minimum of one certified RESNET Comprehensive Home Energy Rater or Building Performance Auditor (to perform diagnostic test-in, preparation of work scope and test-out evaluations), at least one state licensed heating and air conditioning contractor who is a recognized participant in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) QA Program and at least one RESNET EnergySmart Contractor that specializes in air sealing and insulation who is an Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA) Certified Quality Insulation Installer.

Other significant improvements to the RESNET guidelines include:

  • More defined RESNET EnergySmart Contractor quality assurance oversight and discipline procedures
  • Clearer definition of RESNET EnergySmart Contractor consumer complaint resolution process
  • Defined responsibilities of the rater/auditor including adherence to RESNET/BPI guidelines for combustion appliance safety testing and preparing a work scope
  • Requirement of an independent rater/auditor to conduct test-out evaluation
  • Requirement and definition of the Project Manager for RESNET EnergySmart Home Performance Teams

RESNET’s philosophy on comprehensive home performance improvements is not to restrict business models or duplicating existing industry quality installation standards for contractors. Instead, RESNET is recognizing existing industry quality installation standards and allowing the market place to determine who will lead the project. Both ACCA and ICAA have such quality installation standards for the HVAC and insulation industries. RESNET’s role is to facilitating partnerships between RESNET certified raters and qualified contractors to work as a team.

RESNET consumer surveys found that homeowners want an independent qualified specialist to recommend and guide them in making comprehensive energy upgrades to their homes. The research also found that consumers want the process to be simple. The new RESNET Energy Smart Home Performance Teams meets these dual needs. The RESNET rater/auditor will develop the testing-in and work scope for the consumer and link up with the qualified contractors to complete the work. As an independent party, the rater would ensure the work is done correctly by completing the quality assurance test-out inspection and testing.

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented, “With over 107 million homes in the U.S. that can benefit from energy improvements, no single business model or approach can work. One size cannot fit all. In order to tap the vast existing homes market there are a number of approaches needed. The new RESNET guidelines provide consumers with another choice”.

To view the revised contractor guidelines, click on RESNET EnergySmart Contractor Guidelines

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  • Dan Dempsey

    I am a BPI CERTIFIED Missouri Energy Auditor. I am interested in getting involved in your energy smart home performance teams idea. What incentives are there for contractors to form these teams? I don’t think I will have any luck enlisting other contractors unless I can point to some incentives for them to create such a team with me. Thank you.

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