RESNET Appoints Strategic Positioning Task Force

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RESNET and the building performance industry are at a crossroads.  The current economic downturn, increased interest in increasing building energy performance of buildings by government agencies, and the convergence of interests with homebuilders and contractors have created new opportunities and challenges to RESNET as an organization.  Another development is the inclusion of COMNET and the commercial building sector into RESNET.

To review the opportunities and threats created in these times, and to recommend revisions to the RESNET strategic planning framework, the RESNET Board of Directors has created a RESNET Strategic Positioning Task Force.  The task force has been chartered with undertaking a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis (SWOT).  Based upon this analysis, the task force will recommend revisions to the RESNET Strategic Planning Framework.  It will also consider what restructuring of the organization is necessary to meet the strategic planning framework.

The RESNET Strategic Positioning Task Force is chaired by Daran Wastchak of D.R. Wastchak and Secretary of the RESNET Board.  Members of the task force are:

Rating Industry/RESNET Board of Directors

  • Dave Bell, Environments for Living
  • Brett Dillon, IBS Advisors
  • Dennis Creech, Southface Energy Institute
  • Mark Jansen, Energy Efficient Homes Midwest
  • Maci McDaniel, Texas Home Energy Rating Organization
  • Lee O’Neal, Mid-Atlantic Building Technology Center
  • Barb Yankie, Homes +, Inc.

Commercial Buildings Representatives

  • Charles Eley, Architectural Energy Corporation
  • Jeff Harris, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

COMNET Representatives

  • Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center
  • David  Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Bill Prindle, ICF Consulting

Home Building Industry

  • David Kaiserman, Lennar Ventures
  • C.R. Hero, Meritage Homes

Mortgage Industry

  • Marco Fields, GEMS Group

HVAC Contractors

  • Wes Davis, Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Insulation Contractors

  • Michael Kwart , Insulation Contractors Association of America

Window Industry

  • Jim Larson, Cardinal Glass

Energy Auditors

  • Steve Byers, Energy Logic
  • Dallas Jones, Home Energy Team
  • Kelly Parker, Guaranteed Watt Savers

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