RESNET to Form New Standard Development Committee on Quality Assurance Standards

May 23rd, 2014 - Posted by Laurel Elam under RESNET News

Seeking Volunteers to Serve on New Committee

RESNET is an accredited American National Standards Development Organization.  As part of its ANSI and non-ANSI standard development, RESNET is forming a new Standards Development Committee, DC 900.  SDC 900’s responsibilities will include the development and maintenance of ANSI/RESNET American National Standards (ANS) and non- American National Standards regarding Quality Assurance in Home Energy Rating Systems.

The title, purpose and scope of the new SDC 900 is:

Standards Development Committee 900 on Quality Assurance in Home Energy Rating Systems (SDC 900)


The title of the RESNET Quality Assurance Standards Development Committee shall be Standards Development Committee 900.


The purpose of RESNET Standards Development Committee 900 is to undertake the work required for the development of RESNET Standards on quality assurance. This work covers everything from proposing new Standards, amending, revising and interpreting existing Standards and delivering publishable Standards materials to the RESNET Standards Management Board.


The scope of RESNET Standards Development Committee 900 comprises all quality assurance Standards development efforts approved for development by the RESNET Standards Management Board. The committee will undertake any and all work required to produce Standards ready for publication. The scope includes recommending establishment and dissolution of Sub-Committees and Task Groups. The scope includes development of standards relating to quality assurance of auditing, rating, and improvement of the energy performance of homes and buildings. RESNET Standards Development Committee 900 shall have no set term and will continue in existence as long as RESNET develops quality assurance standards.

The committee will be comprised of a balance of interests in accordance with the ANSI accredited RESNET Standards Development Policy and Procedures.

RESNET is seeking qualified persons to serve on SDC 900.  Qualified persons should apply to the RESNET Manager of Standards, Rick Dixon via

Information required for the application are:


Contact information:

Employer (If consultant then indicate all sources of income):

Explanation of why applicant consider themselves qualified for membership and which interest category, as described in the RESNET Standards Development Policy and Procedures, they consider themselves to fit within:

A completed RESNET Potential Sources of Bias/Conflict of Interest Form

Resume or CV:

The deadline for applying is Monday, June 30, 2014.

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