Despite Downturn in the U.S. Housing Market, the Number of Homes Rated Increased in 2009

May 5th, 2010 - Posted by RESNET under What's New at RESNET

The U.S. housing market is suffering one if its worse economic downturns in history.  In 2009, 374,000 new homes were sold, down from the 485,000 in 2008.  Despite this economic downturn in the construction, the number of homes rated through the RESNET standards has increased. In 2009 116,283 homes were rated, a jump from 2008, when 100,045 homes were rated.  According to the U.S. Census, this equates to 31.1% of new homes sold in 2009.  This activity clearly shows that energy high performance homes and home energy ratings have become mainstream features of the U.S. housing market.

It is notable to compare the homes that were energy rated in 2009 to the number of ENERGY STAR Homes labeled in the same year.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 84,150 homes were labeled as ENERGY STAR in 2009.  The number of homes rated in 2009 exceeded ENERGY STAR labeled homes by over 32,000 homes.  This demonstrates the growing maturity of the rating industry as it grows less dependent upon a single governmental program.  Currently, raters have a number of services that they can offer to their builder clients including verification of such programs:

  • U.S. Department of Energy’s National Builders Challenge
  • Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense New Homes Program
  • Energy code compliance
  • USGBC LEED for Homes
  • National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program

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