Survey – Healthy Efficient New California Homes Study

May 29th, 2015 - Posted by Rengie Chan under Hot News, Posts and Views, Upcoming Events

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is conducting a research study on new homes in California. We invite you to participate in this survey if you live in a:

* House or townhouse or duplex,
* AND if your home was built in 2002 or later.

The survey asks questions about your home, appliances, indoor air quality, and demographics.

You can access the survey at:

You can enter the chance to win $100 by submitting your contact information. One winner will be announced at the beginning of each month, starting June 1 through October 1, 2015. You will be entered into the drawing for the month you complete the survey.

To find out more about the survey, go to:

If you have any questions about the research study, please contact:
Max Sherman, Principal Investigator
Residential Building Systems Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (510) 486 4022

Your data is very valuable to our understanding of new homes in California. We thank you for your time and participation.

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