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October 12th, 2010 - Posted by Ed Voytovich under New Members, RESNET News

Building Efficiency Resources, LLC (call us “TheBER” but pronounce it “The BEAR”!) is a new HERS Providership operating already in several states. Our HERS Manager (and co-principal), Eurihea Speciale, formerly filled the same roles at Southface, and he is joined by his protege and HERS expert Chris McTaggart. Ed Voytovich, co-principal, comes to TheBER from theBuilding Performance Contractors of NYS, where he served as Executive Director.

TheBER is recruiting new and existing raters, and aspires to achieve a prominent and respected position in the industry. Our strategy to achieve our goals is to put service to our raters first while participating actively in Building Performance-related organizations including RESNET, BPI, ACI and so on. We believe that our industry is vital to the economy, the politics, the ecosphere, and the future of the nation and indeed of the world.

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