Time Line on Revision of Insulation Installation Rating and Revision of Appendix A of the RESNET Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards


  • RESNET Technical Committee chairman Brett Dillon formed the Technical Committee Chair’s Insulation Industry Council.  Council was chaired by Charles Cottrell of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association.  Member organizations included:
    • Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association
    • Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association
    • Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
    • Insulation Contractors Association of America,
    • Dow
    • CertainTeed
    • Bayer MaterialScience
    • Blown-In-Blanket Contractors Association
    • Structural Insulation Panel Association
    • Extruded Polystyrene Foam Association
    • Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association
    • National Insulation Contractors Exchange.

Far from opposing the proposed standard the cellulose and reflective insulation industries helped craft the amendment.


  • RESNET Technical Committee Chair’s Insulation Industry Council presented its recommended amendment to the RESNET rating insulation installation section.
  • April – Insulation proposal incorporated into proposed Appendix A amendment to the RESNET Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating Standards (proposed Appendix A attached)
  • May 3 – Committee chairman Brett Dillon acknowledge receipt of proposal and stated being voted to be release for public comment by RESNET Board (attached)
  • May 11 – RESNET Board voted 15 to 2 to release the draft to public comment review and comment process.

May 15 – Notice of amendment sent to RESNET network (http://www.resnet.us/blog/resnet-proposes-amendment-on-on-site-inspection-procedures-for-minimum-rated-features-appendix-a/  )

  • June 18 – Deadline for public comments
  • Joint Technical and Training Education Committee group to review submitted public comments.  Members were:
    • Brett Dillon (RESNET Technical Committee)
    • Philip Fairey (RESNET Technical Committee)
    • Kristof Irwin (RESNET Technical Committee)
    • Mark Jansen (RESNET Training & Education Committee)
    • Tei Kucharski ((RESNET Training & Education Committee)
    • Rob Moody (RESNET Training & Education Committee)
    • Nancy St. Hilaire (RESNET Training & Education Committee)
    • September 19 – Group completed review of public comments (attached) and presented to chairman of Technical Committee
    • September 19 – Communication between Laurel Elam and Brett Dillon on changing proposed amendment as results of public comment.  Laurel offered to assist. (attached)


  • February 26 – At RESNET Board Meeting Brett Dillon reported to the board that:
    • Inspection process
    • Insulation grading- including default values for each type of insulationwere priorities for the RESNET SDC 300 in 2013.