Using Solar Power Systems to provide electricity

April 15th, 2010 - Posted by RESNET under Solar Energy

With the cost of heating and powering our homes using conventional means increasing every year, finding a cost effective and carbon neutral source of energy is becoming more of a priority.  Solar power systems are an environmentally friendly and efficient way to provide electricity to any home.  Depending on the amount of sun in your location, solar energy can supply all or part of your home’s energy needs.

Financial Benefits of Solar

What is not commonly known about converting to solar energy are the additional cost saving and money making benefits of a solar power conversion.

  • Increased Resale Value – A recent survey by California Solar Institute found that for every $1 of savings from your energy bill annually, your home value increases by $20. So an annual energy savings of $1,500 translates into a $30,000 increase in your home’s resale value.
  • Tax Incentives – The US government is offering tax credits for 30 percent of the cost of installing solar panels, up to $500 per 0.5 kW of power capacity. Tax credits apply for solar power systems that provide electricity to the residence, and systems must meet applicable fire and electrical code requirements. Both existing homes and new constructions qualify, but the credit is only applicable to your principal residence.
  • Sell Excess Energy to the Utility Company – Utility companies are required to buy excess energy generated by consumers. Not only will you save on, or eliminate your monthly energy bills, but you can make money, too!

Determining your power needs and establishing the path to converting to solar power is a critical task. Hire an experienced solar energy contractor. Be sure to check references. RESNET Qualified ENERGYSMART Contractors have undergone additional energy efficiency training, and understand your home as a complete system.

Home Energy Audit Increases Viability and Efficiency of Solar

It is advisable to have a home energy audit to analyze your home’s energy efficiency and recommend ways to lower energy costs, in order to make your solar power system more viable and efficient. By having your home audited by a certified professional, you can begin the process of transitioning to solar energy.

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