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RESNET’s web site has been updated. The web site has been redesigned to serve as a portal for consumers, home builders, contractors, energy raters and energy auditors to building performance.

The web site has two entries. The home page is aimed at providing consumers with information on building performance, RESNET, home energy ratings and energy audits. The consumer page provides leads for consumers to find certified home energy raters, home energy auditors and qualified contractors. The professionals’ page provides contractors, builders and raters information on home energy ratings and how to become certified as a home energy rater, energy auditor or a qualified contractor or builder.

While shifting its focus to serving as a portal for consumers and professionals, all of the traditional information you have come to expect from the RESNET web site is still there.

Since the RESNET 2.0 web site has just been launched, some glitches are expected. The RESNET support staff is working diligently to address these issues as they are discovered.

The qualified contractor, builder and energy auditor directories are just beginning to be populated, so please check back as more companies sign up. If you are interested in being listed on a directory, please e-mail RESNET at info@resnet.us

  • Matt Sera

    This is a copy of an email sent to “info@resnet.us

    Website Administrator,

    The old RESNET website worked very well for my company as a way to bring in new business and I am hoping that the 2.0 website will be just as effective; however, I have a few comments regarding glitches/user interface which I hope you will consider:

    1. The website might just be down right now, but every link on the “Pro” website for “Join Now” or “Sign In” is a broken link.
    2. The “Find a Pro” search tool is kind of biased towards contractors/raters who are very near to the zipcode searched. Sometimes a consumer might be searching for a professional that services a general area/state and while you can search for professionals based off of state using the “Options” drop down. It would be nicer if the “Find a Pro” box always displayed the 2 options – by Zip Code or State.
    3. The “Find a Pro” search tool drop down category list feels like it has too much going on for the average consumer. A lot of the categories are redundant and the size of the list seems overwhelming a lot of the categories could be condensed under 1 name to make it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for. For Example, these could be condensed (an example category name is on the left in bold and the current category listings which would fall under it are on the right in quotations:
    a. Air Sealing Contractors – “Air Sealing” and “Air Sealing Contractors”
    b. Insulation Contractors – “Blown in Insulation”, “Batt and Roll Insulation”, “Foam Insulation”, “Insulation”
    c. Appliances and Entertainment Systems – “Appliances”, “Repair Appliances”, “Replace Appliances”, “Entertainment Systems”
    d. Chimney/Fireplace Contractors – “Chimney Cleaning”, “Chimney Repair”, “Chimneys and Fireplaces”, “Repair Brick or Stone Fireplace (Masonry)”
    e. Flooring and Radiant Systems – “Floor Coverings”, “Flooring”, “Radiant Heat Flooring”, “Radiant Heating”
    f. Remodeling Contractors – “Additions/Sunrooms”, “Basement and Attic Remodeling”, “Bathroom Remodeling”, “Kitchen Remodeling”, “Remodeling”
    g. HVAC Contractors – “Central Air Conditioning”, “Central Heating”, “Furnaces”, “Heat Pumps”, “Heating and Cooling”
    h. Duct System Contractors – “Duct Cleaning”, “Ducts and Vents”, “Replace, Repair or Seal Ducts”
    i. Electrical Contractors – “Electricians”, “General Electrical Work”
    j. Door and Window Contractors – “Doors”, “Repair Doors”, “Repair Windows”, “Replace Doors”, “Replace Windows”, “Skylights and Solar Tubes”, “Windows and Skylights”
    k. Home Builders – “Custom Home Builders”, “Home Builders”, “Production Builders”
    l. Plumbers – “Faucets, Fixtures and Water Heaters”, “Plumbing”
    m. Home Energy Raters and Auditors – “Find Raters and Auditors”, “Home Energy Raters (HERS Raters)”, “Home Energy Survey Professionals (HESP)
    n. Geothermal Systems Contractors – “Geothermal”, “Geothermal Power”
    o. Handyman Services – “General Handyman Services”, “Handyman Services”
    p. Indoor Air Quality Specialists – “Indoor Air Quality”, “Mold and Mildew”, “Radon Gas”, “Air Filtration Systems”
    q. Landscapers – “Landscaping”, “Landscaping Projects”, “Foundations”, “Repair Concrete Foundations”
    r. Painters – “Paint Homes”, “Painting”
    s. Roofing/Siding/Gutter Contractors – “Repair Roofing”, “Repair Siding or Gutters”, “Replace Roofing”, “Replace Siding or Gutters”, “Roofing”, “Siding and Gutters”
    t. Solar Contractors – “Solar Power”, “Solar Water Heaters”, “Alternative Energy”
    u. Wind Power Contractors – “Wind Power”
    v. Water Proofing Contractors
    w. Architects and Building Designers – “Architects”, “Architects and Designers”, “Building Designers”
    x. Asbestos/Lead Remediation Contractors – “Toxic Lead”, “Asbestos Testing and Removal”

    Again, I hope that you will take my comments into consideration as I’d also like to see the RESNET website as a widely used and easy to use tool for consumers to find energy conscious contractors/raters. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Best regards,
    Matt Sera
    Atlas Home Energy Solutions
    (O) (301) 364-5055
    (C) (301) 305-4793
    (E) matt.sera@atlashomeenergy.com

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