Wes Davis of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Appointed to RESNET Technical Committee

December 21st, 2010 - Posted by RESNET under RESNET News, RESNET Notes, RESNET Notes - December 2010

Wes Davis, Director of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (ACCA) Quality Assured Program, has been appointed to serve on RESNET’s Technical Committee.

RESNET has entered into a strategic partnership with ACCA to promote improved energy performance for both new and existing homes.  ACCA is a group of over 4,000 air conditioning contractors who work together to improve promote good practices, and keep homes and buildings safe, clean efficient and comfortable.

ACCA is launching a new “Quality Assured” (QA) Contractor Recognition Program in 2011. QA is the first nationwide recognition program for HVAC contractors, and is aimed at recognizing participants that follow requirements in the ANSI/ACCA 5 QI Standard (HVAC Quality Installation Specification). The Quality Installation specification is available at www.acca.org/quality

The QA program is initially focused on supporting EPA’s ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Program. To participate, contractors must satisfy four requirements:

  • Attend a 4-hour orientation course that overviews the EPA ENERGY STAR®  New Homes Program, as well as the ACCA QA program;
  • Maintain licenses, insurance, and/or bonding as required by the federal, state, and municipal governments in which the business operates;
  • Maintain written policies, procedures, and practices stating how the contracting business implements the QI standard, and how it ensures that the QI Specification is followed in the field;
  • Install HVAC systems in ENERGY STAR-labeled new homes that pass third-party RESNET HERS Rater verifications.

Wes Davis has 15 years experience in the HVAC industry. He wrote Bob’s House and has served as committee secretary for the development of two ANSI-recognized standards: the Quality Maintenance Standard and the Quality Installation Verification Protocols. He serves on the RESNET Strategic

Planning Committee and other HVAC and building industry committees.

Previously, Mr. Davis was the Manager of ACCA Technical Services, where he developed technical HVAC oriented documents and presentations. He served as the secretary for the ACCA Code committee and was instrumental in the code adoption of ACCA Manual S (joining Manual J and D). Prior to joining ACCA in

2006, Mr. Davis was licensed contractor in South Carolina.

The RESNET Technical Committee is responsible for interpretation of RESNET’s technical standards, procedures and guidelines; technical evaluation of issues and programs; and continuing maintenance of technical standards.  For more information, click on RESNET Technical Committee

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented on Wes Davis’s appointment to the RESNET Technical Committee, “RESNET is excited to have Wes’ expertise and experience in HVAC issues added to the Technical Committee.  A priority for RESNET in 2011 is to develop procedures for the rating the actual performance of HVAC equipment in the home.  Wes will be invaluable to this effort.”

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