What is the lowest HERS Index you have ever achieved on a home?

March 17th, 2011 - Posted by Stephanie DeZee under RESNET News

Tell us about your lowest HERS Index!

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HERS Index

  • http://www.joshwynneconstruction.com Josh Wynne

    Hers index -22. That is a negative 22. Registered 3/17/2011

  • http://www.earthcraftvirginia.org Sean Shanley

    I have one that has a projected rating of -1. I thought that was pretty good, but it’s nothing compared to a -22! Josh, I think you might have this one in the bag.

  • http://www.CECservices.com Eric Powell

    My personal best rating is +27.
    Solar tuned windows, solar water heating, photovoltaic generation, superinsulated envelope, LED lighting, ENERGY STAR appliances, geothermal for the minimal heating load (if needed).

  • Louis Sanchez

    Does the size of the home or does the size of the conditioned space have any thingto do with the HERS index?

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