Sacramento, California Utility Launches Whole House Home Energy Rating Program in Conjunction with Comprehensive Home Performance Program for Existing Homes – Seeking California Home Energy Raters to Participate

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In the past, it is been said the value of Home Energy Ratings has been for new homes and that there is no role for existing homes.  That notion is being debunked in Sacramento County, California where the local utility, the Sacramento Public Utility District (SMUD) is launching its Whole House Home Energy Rating Program.

The effort is part of the utility’s Home Performance Program.  The program will offer a range of services, rebates, and loans that will encourage its customers to make comprehensive energy improvements to their existing homes.   Rebates are up to $9,000.  To participate in the program a homeowner must have a Whole House Home Energy Rating of the home conducted under the California HERS II procedures.

SMUD will subsidize the cost of the rating so that it will only cost the consumer $99 to help customers who already are interested in making improvements to their home to better understand the best order and type of improvements to improve the overall energy efficiency of their home and how much money can be saved on their electric bill.  A rating can also be done after the improvements have been made to verify the energy savings and to assign a rating of the homes relative energy efficiency.  It is anticipated that the final rating “score” will become a significant feature for consideration in selling a home.  The utility has budgeted $1.2 million for the effort.

The SMUD Home Performance Program is available through March 31, 2012.  For more information, go to SMUD Home Performance Program

SMUD is soliciting certified California Whole-House Home Energy Raters to perform Whole-House Home Energy Ratings (HERSII Ratings) for an estimated 3,000 households during the grant period.  There is no limit to the number of Raters that may be accepted on the list and the list will stay open until the end of the grant period.  The list will be updated on-line on a weekly basis.  California certified home energy raters interested in participating in the program should visit the SMUD web site

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