Murphy's Zero Energy Building Inc.


ZERO Energy Building!

We help your Plans achieve Zero Energy Building for your projects in two steps.
1. Near ZEB is HERS Index 30 without solar: This is the transition point for return on investment between lowest energy use for desired function, and renewable/sustainable energy production (solar, etc.) Construction cost = 0% to 10% additional, With a net to positive cash flow on investment from day one.
2. ZEB is HERS Index 0: NET Zero Energy Building with the renewable/sustainable energy production necessary to replace the annual energy use for desired function. Construction cost = 20% to 50% additional, and always looking for ways to reduce this cost.

Our team of specialists and engineers are ready to be on your design/build team to achieve Zero Energy Building for your projects. New, Reconstruction & Renovation integrated planning for Z.E.B. At your service with one phone call or email. Simple. Done. Ready to build.