RESNET Call to Action

In 2010 RESNET was successful in advocating that Congress extend the $2,000 tax credit for builders who build energy efficient homes and the credit for homeowners to purchasing energy saving products. The extension, however, only carried the credits through December 31, 2011..

RESNET's legislative priority for 2011 includes the following tax incentive provisions for residential energy efficiency:

  • Extension of $2,000 energy efficient home credit for three years
  • Creation of a $5,000 credit for builders who builds homes with a 50 HERS Index score or better
  • Extension and modification of the homeowner tax credit for energy saving products
  • Creation of a performance based tax credit to homeowners who improve the HERS Index of their homes
To achieve this goal RESNET's members must effectively add their voice to the effort.

The following are resources to have your voice heard in Washington: