RESNET National Building Registry Task Force

RESNET is investigating developing a national building registry and has formed a National Buildings Registry Task Force to oversee the investigation.

The task force will review and provide a recommendation to the RESNET Board on whether a national building registry makes sense. If the task force recommends developing a national building registry and the RESNET Board concurs, the task force will then make a set of recommendations on how the registry will be set up and maintained, and identify what information should be held confidential.

The following individuals have agreed to serve on the task force:

  • Ben Adams, MaGrann Associates
  • Michael Broussard, Home Performance Solutions
  • Joseph Carlamere, Patuxent Environmental Group
  • Ed Carr, Comfort Home
  • Dawn Carton, CHEERS
  • Brett Dillon, Builders Energy Rater
  • Justin Erickson, E3 Energy
  • Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center
  • Mat Gates, Residential Science Resources
  • Tom Hamilton, ICF International
  • Kevin Hanlon, Horizon - Residential Energy Services
  • Mark Jansen, Energy Efficient Homes Midwest
  • C.T. Loyd, Nelrod Company
  • Randy Martin, R.L. Martin Associates
  • Frank Migneco, EAM Associates
  • Greg Nahn, Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
  • Lee O'Neal, CGE Solutions
  • Dave Roberts, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Robert Salcido, Architectural Energy Corporation
  • Steve Saunders, Texas Home Energy Raters Organization
  • Isaac Savage, Home Energy Partners
  • Zak Shadid, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Marvin Young, True Home Energy Solutions
  • David Weitz, Conservation Services Group

RESNET Board President Philip Fairey has named Steve Byers to serve as the chairman of the task force.

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