Home Energy Performance Labeling Task Force

There is great interest at the local, state and national level in labeling a home's energy performance at the time of listing. This would provide consumers an opportunity to compare a home's energy performance when purchasing a home. RESNET is forming a Building Performance Task Force to make recommendations to the RESNET Board on adopting labeling procedures. There will be two functions that the task force will review:

  • (1) opportunity to streamline the computer simulation to produce a label using standard operating assumptions and
  • (2) what the label should look like.

RESNET's effort will be coordinated with efforts at the national level on creating a national label.

RESNET has formed a home energy performance labeling task force. The task force will be responsible for reviewing labeling efforts in the U.S. and internationally and make a recommendation on the label that RESNET should adopt. The input from members of the task force will be used by the RESNET Board of Directors in its deliberations on adopting a national label. The task force represents a rich diversity in the building performance industry. To view the members of the task force click on Home Energy Performance Labeling Task Force