RESNET International Initiatives Task Force

RESNET is actively involved in a number of international efforts to coordinate the rating of buildings' energy performance. We invite you to serve on a new RESNET International Initiatives Task Force.

RESNET Board President Philip Fairey has been appointed by ANSI to be the U.S. representative on the International Standards Organization (ISO) Standard 163 Working Group that will be developing the international standard on the rating of building energy performance.

RESNET's Executive Director, Steve Baden, was appointed by the International Energy Agency to serve on the Organization for Economic Development's (OECD) Global Sustainable Buildings Network work group.

In addition, Mr. Fairey and I have been in an active dialogue with the European Community's Concerted Action Group that is involved in developing standards for the European Union's Energy Performance in Buildings Directive.

As U.S. representatives on these efforts, RESNET would like to develop American consensus positions on the issues that develop in these efforts.

RESNET has created an International Initiatives Task Force. The role of the RESNET International Initiatives Task Force will be to review the issues that emerge from the international collaborative and provide input to RESNET. This will assist RESNET in developing positions for the international group's consideration. Having a large and transparent process as possible will add credibility to RESNET's recommendations.

Members of the task force are:

  • Albert Barnes, Sun Environment
  • Paolo Bertoldi, European Commission
  • Chris Boggiano, Everblue Energy, Inc.
  • Mike Browne, Conservation Services Group
  • Steve Byers, EnergyLogic
  • Judy Cheon, ReMax Presitge Properties
  • Tom Conlon, GeoPraxis
  • Lavernce Dalgleish, BPS
  • Vicki Davis, Salt River Project
  • Gregory DeWitt, Home Energy Rating Services, Inc.
  • Karen Faerber-Hall, Eco-Wise Living
  • David Goldstein, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Bruce Harley, Conservation Services Group
  • Victor Imgartin, Clean Sweep Chimney Service
  • Rod Kosares, Professional Testing Associates
  • Roger Landry, Building Energy Solutions
  • Les Lazareck, Home Energy Connection
  • David Lee, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Teri Leigh, Southern Energy Consultants
  • Chris Maher, Thermo-Scan Inspections
  • Rick Manning, Energy Master and Environmental Services
  • John Meeks, Apple Blossom Insulation
  • David Meisegeier, ICF International
  • Frank Migneco, EAM Associates
  • Lee O'Neal, CEG Solutions
  • Aleksander Panck, Warsaw, Poland
  • Kelly Parker, Guaranteed Watt Savers
  • Edward Pollock, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Armen Rudd, Building Science Corporation
  • Javier Ruiz, Southwest Energy Conservation, LLC
  • Rob Salcido, Architectural Energy Corporation
  • Carl Seville, Seville Consulting
  • Norman Smith, Rocky Mountain Institute New Zealand
  • Nehemiah Stone, KEMA Services, Inc.
  • Todd Usher, Addison Homes

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