RESNET Recruiting Task Force to Review Rating Quality Assurance Procedures

RESNET's mission is to ensure the quality of the rating of building energy performance. In order to meet this mission RESNET's must have robust quality assurance procedures.

RESNET quality assurance procedures were adopted in 2004. Since that time the demand for rating services has expanded dramatically. In addition with the infusion of government funds into energy efficiency through the new economic stimulus bill and the Obama placing priority on increasing building energy efficiency there is even more reason to ensure the quality of rating services.

In 2009 RESNET's Quality Assurance and Ethics Committee has embarked to complete a comprehensive review of RESNET's quality assurance provisions. RESNET wants this process to be transparent and involves the input from all affected parties. For this reason RESNET has formed a RESNET Quality Assurance Review Task Force. The following are the members of the task force:

  • Rhonda D. Bolden, Skye Tech
  • Charles B. Bowles, EarthCraft Virginia
  • Michael A. Browne, Advanced Building Analysis
  • Laura Capps, Southface Energy Institute
  • James Cavallo, Kouba-Cavallo Associates
  • Vicki Davis, Salt River Project
  • Toney Dougherty, America's Home Energy Rating Organization
  • Rob DuTeau, Kansas Building Science Institute
  • William S. Folsom, Systemhause, LLC
  • Kevin Hanlon, Horizon Residential Energy Services
  • Peter Harding, Competitive Resources
  • Clinton Hayn, D.R. Wastchak
  • Scott Hoover, Southern Energy Management
  • Blake Howell, Rocky Mountain Power
  • John Klongerbo, CALCS PLUS
  • Abe Kruger, Kruger Sustainability Group
  • Gary C. Lewis, Best Green Energy Solutions, Inc.
  • Tony Listani, Building Performance Contractors Association
  • Paulette McGhie, Energy Inspectors
  • Frank Migneco, EAM Associates
  • Rogge Miller, Guaranteed Watt Savers
  • Norbert Muller, Conservation Services Group
  • Ryan E. Oswald, Pure Eco Environmental Resources
  • Srikanth Puttagunta, Steven Winter Associates
  • Shane Shanley, EarthCraft Virginia
  • Eric Shoberg, Southwest Gas Corporation
  • Eurihea Speciale, Southface Energy Institute
  • Matt Stevens, Green Zone Homes
  • Toby Taylor, HERS Raters of Texas
  • Holly Todd, Homes +
  • Todd Usher, Addison Homes
  • Edward Voytovich, Building Performance Contractors Association of New York State
  • Russ Watson, The Green Door Company
  • John Webb,