RESNET HERS Index Customizable Consumer Brochure

The RESNET HERS Index Consumer Brochure will help you educate consumers about why they should be looking at your HERS-rated homes when buying a new house. Use this brochure to insert your company logo, name, and additional company information.

  • This brochure can only be co-branded by RESNET EnergySmart Builder Partners.
  • When using the HERS Index or RESNET logos, partners must follow the RESNET brand guidelines.

Instructions for Co-branding and Printing

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Click here to download a free version.

Inserting Text:

You can add customized copy in the following areas:

Text Box 1: What Is RESNET?

  • Insert company information here and more about your HERS rated energy efficient homes.

Text Box 2.: THE HERS INDEX SCORE (It’s what smart homebuyers ask for.)

  • Insert company logo or name here.

Text Box 3: What Is the HERS Index? /Why Ask for the HERS Index Score?

  • Insert short company advertising blurb about how you're building/selling HERS rated homes.

For each text box, delete the sample text provided in the PDF brochure and replace it with your copy. The new copy will follow the same format as the text in the rest of the brochure, which is:

Style: Arial
Color: 90% Black
Size: 9pt

To change the formatting (i.e., increase size, bold or underline, etc.) of any new text:

  1. Create the text in a Word Document.
  2. Copy and paste into the brochure.

However, we strongly recommend that you maintain the font style and color described above.

Character limit is dependent on the space provided. If you can’t fit all your copy within the provided area, copy and paste a smaller sized font from a Word Document using the same font style and color as listed above.

Adding Your Company Logo:

To upload your company logo:

  • Click on the white box; a pop-up window will prompt you to choose a logo to upload from your files.
  • Select the image you want; it will automatically insert into the logo area. The image will be adjusted in height to fit the area while maintaining the logo’s original proportions.
  • The logo will be automatically centered.


  • Use a professional printing company to ensure the highest print quality.
  • For in-house printing:
    • Print on the front and back of an 11 x 8 1/2 inch sheet (Letter).
    • Set printer settings to “Actual Size”, "Orientation: Landscape", and "Flip on long edge" (terminology may vary depending on printer).
    • When folding, make the first fold approximately 3 and 10/16 inches from the left and the second fold approximately 7 and 5/16 inches from the left.

Disclaimer: The HERS Index logo and the RESNET logo are registered trademarks of the Residential Energy Services Network and cannot be changed, altered, added to, or recreated in any way. Any misuse of the logos may result in legal action.