RESNET HERS Index Customizable Yard Signs

Promote your HERS-rated homes with RESNET’s customizable HERS Index Yard Signs. Let consumers know that all your homes, both existing and those under construction, are HERS-rated for energy efficiency. You can customize each sign with your company logo and contact information.

  • These yard signs can only be co-branded by RESNET EnergySmart Builder Partners.
  • When using the HERS Index or RESNET logos, partners must follow the RESNET brand guidelines.

Instructions for Co-branding and Printing

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Click here to download a free version.

Follow these instructions to customize the RESNET HERS Index Yard Signs with your company logo and contact information:

Adding Your Company Logo and Contact Information:

You can add your company logo in the large white space provided in each yard sign template. To add your logo:

  • Click on the white box; a pop-up window will prompt you to choose a logo to upload from your files.
  • Select the image you want; it will automatically insert into the logo area. The image will be adjusted in height to fit the area while maintaining the logo’s original proportions.
  • The logo will be automatically centered.


How to Use Your Signage Effectively:

Make sure you follow local signage ordinances, and pay attention to the content, location and placement of your signage.

  1. Content:
    1. Use a large, legible font.
    2. Ensure your contact information is easy to identify.
  2. Location:
    1. Placing yard signs in highly visible areas like sidewalks leading to your homes are key to attracting attention.
    2. Lots for sale areas are a great place to advertise your business.
    3. Directional signage, such as at neighborhood entrances are ideal in letting consumers know about your energy efficient homes.
  3. Placement:
    1. Place your sign directly in front of a model home where it’s easily visible.
    2. If you’re using your signs to direct potential buyers to your homes, then consider placing them near the road where drivers can see them.
    3. Grouping multiple signs together lets you get a lot of information across in a limited space (e.g., website, contact number, email, text code, etc.).
  4. Ordinances:
    1. Check local sign ordinances to make sure your signs don’t violate local policies, such as size requirements, and placement restrictions.

Disclaimer: The HERS Index logo and the RESNET logo are registered trademarks of the Residential Energy Services Network and cannot be changed, altered, added to, or recreated in any way. Any misuse of the logos may result in legal action.