How to be Added to the RESNET Directory of Individuals Who Are Qualified to be Rater Trainers

June 1, 2012

This Directory is the listing of all individuals who have passed the RESNET Quality Assurance Designee/Rater Training Test and meet the other qualifications to be a Rater Trainer.

This application is to be used for:

  • NEW Rater Trainers to be added to the Directory
  • Existing Rater Trainers to meet the Adult Education Requirements of the RESNET Standards.

Link to application


RESNET has adopted the following procedure for individuals posted on the RESNET Directory of Individuals Who are Qualified to be Rater Trainers at :

  1. Individuals must be listed on the RESNET Directory of Individuals Who Are Qualified to be Rater Trainers in order to teach rater training courses.
  2. Rater Trainers must reapply annually to remain posted on the directory. In order to maintain the listing, qualified individuals must annually complete the form Application to Renew/Update Listing on RESNET Directory of Individuals Who Have Passed the RESNET National Quality Assurance Designee/Trainer Test and submit it to RESNET by the date posted.
  3. In the event that an individual on the list ends their affiliation or employment with the company on their listing, they must update their contact information in order to remain listed. RESNET will remove individuals upon notification by the listed company that they are no longer affiliated. Such individuals must submit the application to renew/update with updated contact information in order to reinstate their listing.
  4. RESNET standards require that all Rater Trainers shall annually meet the requirements for professional development described in RESNET Standards section 209 and shall indicate which professional development requirements were fulfilled on their annual application.
  5. RESNET Standards section requires that all Rater Trainers qualified after December 31, 2011 shall meet each of the minimum qualifications listed therein prior to becoming a Rater Trainer.

Minimum Requirements for the Qualification of Rater Trainers

  1. Minimum required qualifications to become a Rater Trainer (206.1.1):
  • Completion of a minimum of 16 sixteen (16) hours of a RESNET approved adult education program. The following trainings shall be recognized by RESNET for meeting this requirement

  1. USGBC Facility Training;
  2. EcoBroker National Instructor;
  3. Corporate training credential;
  4. Secondary education teaching credential;
  5. Teacher preparation courses from accredited post-secondary education institution;
  6. Teaching experience at an accredited post-secondary education institution;
  7. Other professional adult learning institution or corporation recognized by RESNET;

  1. Professional Development for Rater Trainers (209):
  • Rater Trainers annually shall complete a two hour RESNET roundtable on current information and complete one of the following activities:
  • Document 12 hours of attendance at the RESNET Conference - or
  • Complete 12 hours of RESNET approved CEU's - or
  • Documented instruction of a minimum of ten rater certification classes

A person that is both a Rater Trainer and Quality Assurance Designee shall have to complete both the two hour RESNET roundtable for a Rater Trainer and the two hour roundtable for Quality Assurance Designees. Rater Trainers and QA Designees selecting the conference or CEU option need only comply with the 12 hour requirement one time, i.e. 12 hours is not required for each position.