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EPA Energy Star® Ad Partnerships

EPA's ENERGY STAR Advertising Partnership is an opportunity for a group of local partners to work together to increase consumer demand for ENERGY STAR qualified new homes. The Advertising Partnership will provide a sustained presence for ENERGY STAR in the local market and help build consumer awareness of ENERGY STAR qualified new homes. In markets where partners cooperatively place advertising for an 8- to 13-week period in a major local newspaper (or make an equivalent investment in other types of advertising) to promote ENERGY STAR qualified new homes, EPA will match it with a separate equivalent print ad run in the major local paper.

How to Participate

  • A group of at least three partners, including at least two builders, will work together to fund and plan the partner advertising (ad) placement. Typically, this effort will be organized by a rating provider, utility, or other sponsoring organization. Note that in some markets, a local utility or other organization may opt to fund the entire ad buy on behalf of the group of partners. Partners may contact their account manager at any time to answer questions and for assistance with organizing other partners in their market.
  • The total ad campaign should be a minimum of 16 weeks long - 8 weeks for partners, 8 weeks for EPA. In cases where the cost of an 8-week run in the major local newspaper exceeds $30,000, EPA will accept this amount as the total partner contribution and a shorter ad run.
  • Partner groups have the option of using a medium other than newspaper or magazine ads to participate in the partnership - for example, radio, television, etc. - provided that the message is sustained over multiple weeks. This investment should be the equivalent (in dollars) of an 8-week placement in the local newspaper. EPA reserves the right to review the alternative ads to ensure that messaging and graphic format is consistent. In these cases, EPA's contribution to the campaign would continue to be a print ad.

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