HERS Rater Test

RESNET National Rater Test

The RESNET National Rater Test is an on-line 50 question true or false/multiple choice test. The test is open book and raters have two hours to complete the test. The test is on building science concepts and rating procedures. Raters receive the results from the test immediately after completing the test. A passing score is 80%. The test must be administered by a RESNET accredited rater training provider. A directory of accredited rater training providers is posted on RESNET's website. There is a $100.00 fee to RESNET for taking the test.

A Rater Trainer or Rating Quality Assurance Designee who has passed the RESNET Rater Trainer/Quality Assurance Test with a score of 90 or better is considered having met the testing requirement for rater re-certification.