HUD/FHA Energy Mortgage Guidelines

HUD Overview of EEMs

Mortgagee Letter 05-21
HUD's Energy Action Plan and Energy Efficient Mortgages

Mortgagee Letter 98-02
Single Family Production - Applying the HUD Rehabilitation Energy Guidelines to the Section 203(k) Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Program

Mortgagee Letter 97-22
Single Family Loan Production - FHA New Construction, Inspection, and Appraisal Requirements

Mortgagee Letter 97-10
Single Family Loan Production - Energy Efficient Mortgages on Section 203(h) Mortgages for Disaster Victims Areas

Mortgagee Letter 95-46
Single Family Loan Production - Expansion of the Energy Efficient Mortgage Program

Mortgagee Letter 93-35
Single Family Loan Production - Compliance with the 1992 Model Energy Code - Additional Instructions and Follow-Up to Mortgagee Letter 93-26

Mortgagee Letter 93-29
Single Family Loan Production - Miscellaneous Policy Issues

Mortgagee Letter 93-26
Single Family Loan Production - Implementation of Section 101 of the Energy Policy Act of 1992

Mortgagee Letter 93-13
Single Family Loan Production-Energy Efficient Mortgage Pilot Program

Attachment A
Effect On Mortgage Amount Of Energy Efficient Improvements
Attachment B
Energy Efficient Mortgage Worksheet & Present Value Factor Table
Attachment C
Energy Efficient Mortgage Pilot Program