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Robin's Nest Energy Audits and Ratings
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*** This is a sample profile *** Robin's Nest has been helping homeowners save energy and make their homes more comfortable since 2002. Our certified home energy auditors have extensive experience and use the latest diagnostic equipment to assess the sources of energy loss in your home. With every home energy audit, you receive a written report with recommendations for home improvements that will save you energy. We can recommend certified EnergySmart contractors that we trust to do the job right. Client list available upon request. *** This is a sample profile ***

Services Offered

  • Home Energy Audits
  • Home Energy Ratings


Professional Certifications

  • Greenrater
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • RESNET Tax Credit


"We can't believe how much money we're saving on our energy bills after the new insulation was installed and the water heater was repaired..." Read More

"We were so impressed with how thorough the inspection was. We had no idea what was going to happen, but Bob explained everything to us..." Read More

"If you need a home energy rater, I highly recommend George at Robin's Nest. He took the time to explain everything to us in great detail. We were unsure about which improvements..." Read More

Case Studies

  • The Smiths

    The main challenge in the Smiths' home was to decrease the humidity, which was unusually high, creating condensation on all the main floor windows. The furnace was tested and was working normally, as well as the thermostat. After checking the dryer venting, we found a large...
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  • Dan & Laurie Jones

    At our first meeting, Dan and Laurie complained about the draftiness in their home. We first did a walk-around visual inspection where Dan and Laurie showed us the drafty areas. We then used the blower door to test the level of air infiltration and...
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  • Jim Green

    Jim was committed to improving his home's energy usage, and was trying to qualify for an energy improvement mortgage. With our initial inspection, we found several potential areas for improvement. The attic was a major culprit for energy loss, with very poor air sealing and several areas which were lacking insulation...
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  • Terry & Chris Simpson

    Terry called us because her energy bills were much higher then normal. We did a routine inspection and found several areas for improvement, including air sealing, insulating the basement and attic, and adding attic vents. But the largest area for energy loss was caused by damaged ducts, some of which were completely detached from the...
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