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Home Energy Auditors
A home energy assessment (also known as a home energy audit or survey) helps you understand what you need to do to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A certified RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional or Home Energy Auditor will show you where and how energy is being lost in your home, which systems are operating inefficiently and what kind of cost effective measures can be put in place to make your home more comfortable, affordable and energy efficient.

A home energy rating is a comparative analysis of your home’s energy performance as opposed to other, similar homes. Based on the results, a HERS Index Score is generated for the home, along with a detailed report outlining any energy problems and possible solutions. Contact a certified RESNET Home Energy Rater to get an energy rating done on your home.

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Home Energy Auditors

Home Energy Raters (HERS Raters)

A home energy rating is a comparative analysis of how energy efficient your home is as opposed to other homes. A certified RESNET Home Energy Rater will conduct a series of tests on your house, including a blower door test and a duct test, to generate a score on the Home Energy Rating System or HERS Index. The lower the HERS Index score, the more energy efficient the home.
Home Energy Auditors

Home Energy Survey Professionals (HESP)

A Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP) is certified to perform a visual walk-through evaluation to ascertain the general energy performance of an existing home including:

  • Utility billing history
  • Building envelope features (windows, doors, insulation, ducts) and age
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation equipment types, characteristics and age
  • Appliance and lighting characteristics
  • Comfort complaints
  • Visible moisture issues
  • Visible health and safety issues
Although a home energy survey doesn’t include the use of diagnostic testing equipment, a certified RESNET HESP is well trained to provide a fundamental energy assessment, identify problems and make basic recommendations for improving the home's energy efficiency including low-cost do-it-yourself tasks. A HESP will also present you with information about relevant utility-based programs that may help motivate you to take action.

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