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Register for 2021 RESNET Webinar Series (June, July, August)

May 14, 2021

April 14, 2021 2-3 PM Eastern

HERSH2O® and WaterSense 2.0: A National Program for Rating the Water Efficiency of New Homes with Ryan Meres (RESNET)

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Access recording: https://vimeo.com/536962348

The availability of water is becoming an increasing concern for builders as communities are more and more reluctant to add to their delivery burden by granting new building permits. In response, RESNET made tremendous strides in 2020 after more than five years of water efficiency development work. In 2020, ANSI/RESNET/ICC 850 was published, the HERSH2O Rater Training was launched, RESNET became the first WaterSense Home Certification Organization, and RESNET and EPA offered a pilot of WaterSense Version 2.0 using HERSH2O. Fresh on the heels of this successful pilot, WaterSense and RESNET are now ready to launch Version 2.0 of the WaterSense labeled homes program nationally.

RESNET’s status as a WaterSense HCO and the structure of WaterSense labeled homes’ NEW version 2.0 makes HERSH2O with WaterSense certification an easier addition to your portfolio than ever before. Less than three hours of training via the RESNET training portal is all it takes for raters or RFIs to expand their portfolio! From there, it becomes a cost-effective and flexible option. Under WaterSense labeled homes version 2.0, you can rely on HERSH2O to provide feedback on cost-effective efficiency solutions and demonstrate that homes are meeting the WaterSense efficiency requirement. The efficiency requirement along with a simple and easy to meet mandatory checklist result in a water-efficiency, high-performing home with quantifiable savings. All it takes is a minimal amount of additional field verification/calculation which can typically be done in under an hour. Attend this webinar to learn how to start offering HERSH2O ratings and the WaterSense label for your builders.

May 5, 2021, 2-3 pm Eastern

Effects of ANSI 310 on HERS® Index Scores with Scott Doyle (RESNET), Philip Fairey (Florida Solar Energy Center), and Scott Horowitz (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

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With the advent of ANSI/RESNET/ACCA 310, builders can lower their HERS Index scores by demonstrating proper installation of HVAC systems, but by how much? This session explores the impact of HVAC grading on HERS Index scores for different HVAC system types in different climate zones as well as oversight mechanisms to prevent abuse. Attendees will depart this webinar with a better sense of what to expect from HVAC grading in upcoming versions of RESNET accredited software as well as how RESNET’s Quality Assurance Plan will address the new rated features.

June 16, 2021, 2-3 PM Eastern

Using HERS and HERSH2O Data for Environmental Impact Reporting with Ryan Meres (RESNET)

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Investors are increasingly looking at environmental, social, and governance factors in their investment decisions. RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) provides builders with a built-in mechanism to report on the energy efficiency and carbon impacts of the homes they build. In addition, RESNET’s new whole-house water efficiency rating system, HERSH2O, now gives builders the opportunity to demonstrate the water savings of their homes. Both systems combine to demonstrate a builder’s positive environmental impact by having their homes rated by an independent third party for water and energy efficiency. Come to this session to learn how HERS data is being used in environmental reporting and the role HERSH2O can play in further demonstrating a builder’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact.


July 15, 2021, 3-4 pm Eastern

RESNET HERS Software Consistency Update with RESNET Energy Modeling Director Neal Kruis

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The intermediate RESNET’s Software Consistency Committee (SCC) has been working towards improving consistency in HERS Index calculations across software tools for two years now. On this webinar, RESNET’s Energy Modeling Director (and SCC Chair) will provide an overview of the accomplishments of the committee and present a roadmap of strategic improvements to enforce greater accuracy (and, consequently, consistency) moving forward.


August 11, 2021, 2-3 PM Eastern

Why HERS Raters Should Pursue the ICC IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist Designation

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RESNET and the International Code Council (ICC) have collaborated to create the new ICC IECC/HERS Compliance designation. The designation is for those RESNET certified HERS Raters and Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) who have passed the ICC Residential Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner certification.

So, what are the benefits to HERS Raters and RFIs in pursuing the ICC IECC/HERS Compliance Specialist Designation?

Join us to learn how this certification by ICC- the association of code officials and other building safety and sustainability professionals-could help you gain credibility with code officials amidst the increasing need for energy code verification. Learn about the business opportunities available to broaden your portfolio of services and increase your HERS marketability to code officials and builders.

The presenters for this webinar will be Mark Johnson, Executive Vice President, Director of Business Development, International Code Council, RESNET Director of Quality Assurance Administration and Standards Laurel Elam and RESNET Programs Director Ryan Meres.