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ELC Rater Advocacy Group

In line with the efforts of the ELC on both recruitment of new raters and the retention of existing raters, the ELC has created a Rater Advocacy Task Group to focus on many of the challenges facing the future leaders of RESNET and the home building performance industry.

This Task Group’s main initiatives for 2022 are:

  • Sending out a survey post conference to RESNET Network asking them about the challenges in both the recruitment and retention of Rating employees
  • Create a webpage off the ELC page on the RESNET website for the industry to offer suggestions and advice on what they would like to see from RESNET to help them succeed
  • Using feedback from Survey and Comment Box online, will work to create a “Rater Toolbox” for new Raters or new Rating Companies, which will focus on what skills are needed to succeed in this industry



We look forward to your ideas. Please leave your input in the comment box below!

What is something you wish you knew or would like to know as HERS Rater just starting out?

ELC Rater Advocacy Group Comment Box

ELC Rater Advocacy Group Comment Box